What is Event Management Software?

Event management software is a solution that helps companies to automate the process of planning, marketing, organizing, and analyzing promotional events. This type of software can be used for event registration, ticketing, seat allocations, and onsite operations management. It can also be utilized to conduct real-time surveys and polls to engage the audience and to use customer feedback to enhance future events.

Event management software can be used to organize and manage conventions, trade exhibitions, academic and professional conferences, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) meetings. Top features include session management, barcode scanning, badge printing, guest list management, and venue management.

Most Popular Event Management Software

Eventbrite reviews

Our Score 9.7

User Satisfaction 100%

Self-service event planning platform, event registration and ticketing, listing design, ticketing, fundraising, promotion and payments in a single system. Read Reviews

Cvent reviews

Our Score 9.6

User Satisfaction 98%

All-in-one event management software for businesses and non-profits of various sizes that helps enhance productivity and client loyalty. Read Reviews

XING Events reviews
XING Events

Our Score 9.1

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Designed to help you at every stage of your event from planning to post-event campaigns. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Event Management Software

Event management software can be used to plan, organize, and manage a range of events. Therefore, it is an essential asset for small business organizations and event management companies. But how can they select the best event management software solution given the high number of good quality tools out there? To help them, we have prepared this buyers guide which details the list of features to look for and the important aspects to consider to find a suitable event management software app for their requirements.

Get to know each product with free trial

You can start your search for the best event management software system by registering for the free trials offered by leading vendors. This will enable you to check out each platform’s features at no cost and gauge whether it is a good fit for your needs. Visit the websites of the following popular apps to find out if they offer a free trial: BizzaboEventbriteCventEventleaf, and Eventboost.

Targeted Businesses

Small businesses and medium-sized companies: These companies have a limited number of employees and look for niche apps in their industry. For conducting online events, you need a system that offers event reporting, event marketing, online registration management, and ticketing features. For holding onsite events you need features such as sessions managements, badge printing, barcode scanning, onsite visitor management, guest list management, and venue management.

Big enterprises: These companies often host onsite events that are linked with simultaneous online events. They should look for a solution that synchronizes online and offline event registration. The best deal would be to select a system with a modular suite so that you can select appropriate modules for your needs.

What are Examples of Event Management Software?

  • Bizzabo: This event success solution helps organizers create attractive event websites, sell tickets, and build a community. It has been used by more than 5,000 conferences worldwide.
  • Eventbrite: Brings people together through live experiences. Discover events that match your interests, or create your own with online ticketing tools.
  • Cvent: This company offers online software for event management as well as a global event venue directory with more than 150,000 venues. The software has powered successful events for organizations of all sizes and industries.
  • Eventleaf: Offers online attendee registration and features for onsite check-in, registration, and badge printing. You can use this app to create events, customize registration form, invite attendees, and collect registered event attendees.
  • Eventboost: An all-in-one event management software and online registration platform. It simplifies and improves the organization of any kind of event.

Types of Event Management Software

The following are common types of event management solutions:

  • Audience response solutions, live slide sharing and second screen tools such as live polls, Q&A, etc.
  • Exhibition management including floor planning, billing, and booking
  • Onsite operations including registration, badges, and networking
  • Content management
  • Procurement, sourcing, and RFPs
  • Venue selection
  • Online registration and delegate management including online payment
  • Customized event website creation
  • Event schedule planning

Key Features of Event Management Software

  • Session management: You can create and track content for sponsors, speakers, and event exhibitors. Plus, you can create event agendas and measure attendee interest for each session.
  • Onsite management: You can manage activities at the venue including on-the-spot attendee registration, printing name badges for attendees, checking in attendees using a barcode scanner, and integration with self-service kiosks for effortless check-ins.
  • Event marketing: Business owners can market events with features to create a customizable event website, launch push messaging, social media, and email marketing campaigns, and generate promotional codes.
  • Reporting and event analytics: You can generate customizable reports to measure event ROI based on metrics such as marketing success, audience engagement, venue utilization, and budget utilization.
  • Ticketing: Enables the sale of event tickets as well as registration for conferences through online and offline channels. You can set ticket prices and types as well as quantity limits.
  • Venue management: You can identify potential venues and prepare a floor plan to allot booths to exhibitors. Some software solutions also enable you to manage resources, catering, and event logistics.
  • Registration management: Users can accept or decline registrations for seminars, conferences, and events through both offline and online channels. Some apps allow you to book tables, venues, and rooms for attendees.
  • Attendee management: You can improve the attendee experience with tools for customized registration, assigned seating arrangements, guest list management, Q&As and polls for better engagement, and assignment of staff members to escort attendees. Some apps also allow you to manage travel facilities for attendees.

Benefits of Event Management Software

Task and object relationships

The software can create relationships between various event activities. As a result, if you make a change to one object it will trigger notifications across a range of tasks and objects. For example, if you increase your capacity by 50 attendees, you will be alerted to the problems caused by this change in other objects such as parking and accommodations.

Online registration and payments

Leading event management apps can manage the backend for registration and online payment.  Some solutions can even automate website creation or provide a control that you can embed into an existing website. The software can then access this data and include it in analyses.

Venue selection

The software can help with site selection. Many systems have inbuilt venue selection tools that can interface with online resources. You can provide the criteria based on which the software automatically filters out unsuitable sites. Plus, the app can also score venues keeping in mind their compatibility with your requirements.

Social media and email marketing

Event management software can also be used for marketing management. Social media and email play a vital role in commercial and corporate events. Event management tools include features such as email undeliverable rates, one-click opt out, automated population of contact data, marketing templates, and more.

Latest Trends

Use of beacon technology for attendee management

Beacons are based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and they can help to personalize the customer experience. For example, when an attendee walks into an event, you can provide them a customized welcome message and an app notification that gives a guide map of the event venue. Beacons can also be used keep attendees engaged and enable them to interact with other attendees, which can increase your registrations for future events.

Big data analytics

You need to go beyond merely gathering basic attendee registration info. Big data analytics allows you to track attendees’ online activities and learn about their shopping preferences and social media engagements. You can use this type of analytics to collect and scrutinize this data so that you can offer personalized content to customers and event attendees.

Potential Issues

Not using social media

Don’t restrict yourself to merely printing a brochure about the event. Go online and make use of social media to market your event and gain more attendees. Using social media is a much more engaging and personalized way to communicate with your users and customers compared to snail mail.

No live streams

If you do not stream your event live, you will be missing out on a big marketing opportunity. The main advantage is users who do not have the time to attend your event as well other interested parties can view it live from anywhere. Plus, you can post the recording online so that anybody can view it anytime. Live streaming has become a big business and YouTube has recently started using it which increases the SEO opportunities.

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